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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The end of Puppy Mills?

031011Pups.jpgI was thrilled the other day when I ran across a news item demonstrating that perhaps when they are truly inspired, Democrats and Republicans are able to actually put their differences aside and work together in a bipartisan manner.
With the huge loophole still remaining in the United States' law concerning the Federal oversight of large-scale commercial dog breeders, puppy mills continue to churn out litter after litter. And even though these facilities selling stock to pet stores and puppy brokers must be inspected by and licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture, for some unknown reason, unfortunately puppy mills are not required to be licensed to sell puppies directly to the public.
On March 1, to once and for all remedy this senseless inequity, Representatives Sam Farr,(D-CA), Don Young (R-AK), Jim Gerlach,(R-PA) and Lois Capps (D-CA) introduced and sponsored H.R.835, The Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act (PUPS). And while the PUPS Act has been introduced before in prior Congressional sessions, even though the law's intent is crucial to the well being of countless number of innocent dogs, it has never gone anywhere. Fortunately this gives the PUPS Act another chance to finally be put into law.

Bringing all commercial dog breeders in the United States under federal supervision, the PUPS act would require breeders to be licensed and inspected. This includes those who annually sell dogs directly to the public, including dogs sold over the Internet.

Additionally all dog breeders licensed under the Federal Animal Welfare Act would be required to exercise every dog daily, allowing the dogs a chance to run, without the use of a treadmill or any similar mechanical device, which is a much needed humane mandate that PUPS Act provides. Of course, this would greatly improve the quality of the lives of dogs by giving them the opportunity for time out of their cages, in which many of these dogs are kept endlessly in confinement by many commercial dog breeders.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if puppy mills became a thing of the past? But you can help make this dream a reality. Join me by taking action today. Our support is needed to facilitate the passage of the PUPS act. For your convenience, the ASPCA has provided a link to email your representative asking them to support and co-sponsor H.R.835.
Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center to take immediate action.  It will say email your house representative, but further down the page it actually has the email written for you to support PUPS Act and all you have to do is give your information and press send.  Took me only 60 seconds!

This post is from  It's a great blog for information and I strongly agree with the PUPS act and was glad I stumbled upon this post.  It is a wonderful goal because I often run into situations where the owners have gotten a pup too young or simply bred wrong and are having many health and behavioral issues.  As HUMANS we must be responsible and do proper research in order to not buy from pet stores and unregistered breeders to help stop puppy mills.  If you want to save a pup go to shelters and take your time choosing a dog for your family, or go to a reputable/registered breeder.  When they give you a list of references-call them.  Do your homework, it will make all the difference in the world!
I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

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